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My Adventure to Ghana...Two Years On

As we flew across North Africa and began our decent into Accra, an overwhelming sense of fear and unknown began to creep upon me. I looked out the window of the airplane to see nothing but vast barren land, which, in places was home to small 'favela' like clusters of houses constructed by tin, wood and concrete. It was a dark image, where lighting and electricity sources appeared to be scarce.When I stepped off the aircraft, the preceding feeling of worry immediately disappeared. That familiar smell of humidity that most of us have encountered when we arrive in a foreign country was comforting. We were greeted with smiles so warm and genuine that they were contagious. From here on in, everybody we met, we soon befriended, it was hard not to when they were all filled with such a positive energy.
Over the course of the next two weeks, we worked alongside local people in extremely impoverish conditions to help improve their quality of life. 

I soon noticed that the most important t…